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Wavelets Tools for Science & Technology

Wavelets Tools for Science & Technology

Название: Wavelets Tools for Science & Technology
Автор: Jaffar S., Meyer Y.
Издательство: Society for Industrial Mathematics
Год: 2001
Страниц: 256
Формат: pdf
Размер: 14.89 Mb
Язык: english

This long-awaited update of Meyer's Wavelets: Algorithms and Applications includes completely new chapters on four topics: wavelets and the study of turbulence, wavelets and fractals (which includes an analysis of Riemann's nondifferentiable function), data compression, and wavelets in astronomy. The chapter on data compression was the original motivation for this revised edition, and it contains up-to-date information on the interplay between wavelets and nonlinear approximation. The other chapters have been rewritten with comments, references, historical notes, and new material. Four appendices have been added: a primer on filters, key results (with proofs) about the wavelet transform, a complete discussion of a counterexample to the Marr-Mallat conjecture on zero-crossings, and a brief introduction to Holder and Besov spaces. In addition, all of the figures have been redrawn, and the references have been expanded to a comprehensive list of over 260 entries. The book includes several new results that have not appeared elsewhere.

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