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Up Close 1. English for Global Communication (с аудиокурсом)

Up Close 1. English for Global Communication (с аудиокурсом)Название: Up Close 1. English for Global Communication (с аудиокурсом)
Автор: Ana Uhl Chamot, Isabel Rainey de Diaz, Joan Baker de Gonzalez
Год выпуска: 2002
Страниц: 144
Формат: pdf, mp3 (128 kbps)
Размер: 68.54 Мб
Качество: хорошее
Язык: английский

Курс английского языка для взрослых. В комплекте: Student's book, Audio CD

Up Close is written to meet the needs of today's adult and young adult learners of English. The series’ spiraled approach to language learning – presentation, reinforcement, and expansion of communication forms and structures – promotes the gradual but secure development of the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills required in beginning through intermediate programs.
• Photo story provides a natural context for grammatical and functional forms.
• Step-by-step flow of activities from controlled practice to open-ended interaction builds confidence while ensuring successful acquisition of new language and functions.
• Frequent closure and built-in recycling motivate students by offering repeated opportunities to feel successful within each unit.
• Task-based reading and writing sections develop real-life skills while also encouraging intercultural comparisons.
• Situation Cards offer early opportunities for student interaction, providing conversational strategy instruction through a great tool for review and on-going assessment.
Student Book
Each Up Close student book contains twelve 10-page units with a colorful, high-interest photo story or dialogue to enhance real life learning situations, content relating to a wide variety of subjects, an easy-to-use format and abundant practice of functions and structures in a variety of situations. It features Practical Language pages for quick reference, review, or introduction of useful language and expressions.
In addition, a student audio CD with the conversations and pronunciation exercises may be packaged in each student book for risk-free self-practice.

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